Our Activities

ASCCJ strives to foster collaboration and information sharing between schools and colleges of communication and journalism. Our focus on comprehensive peer institutions in the field allows us to tailor our approach to serve the specialized requirements of our nation’s largest institutions of journalism and communication as they endeavor to serve their students and advance the field.

Today ASCCJ is:

  • Fostering collaboration among schools and colleges of communication and journalism.
  • Facilitating shared problem solving for the specific challenges of comprehensive academic institutions.
  • Supporting excellence in communication and journalism graduate studies.

For our members, ASCCJ is:

  • Collecting and aggregating data to facilitate decision-making and benchmarking.
  • Enhancing collaboration among members for research and project teaming.
  • Building a databases of shared resources (e.g., volunteer site reviewers, example policies and procedures).

Please note, ASCCJ does not a play a role in accreditation.


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