ASCCJ fosters collaboration and exchange among members to create a set of shared resources and benefits. We do not offer standalone consulting services or other fee-for-service activities.

All ASCCJ members can expect the following benefits:

  • Access to aggregated school data and custom, on-demand data analysis and reporting to facilitate benchmarking. 
  • Active participation in what school and college data should be collected and reported.
  • Collaborative problem-solving and networking discussions to address the unique challenges of large, comprehensive academic institutions (e.g., excellence in graduate studies, development, and fundraising). 

  • Access to a shared database of volunteer program, promotion, and site reviews.

  • Access to a shared repository of example policies and procedures for large comprehensive academic institutions.
  • The ASCCJ Membership Seal, denoting your membership.

While our priorities are leadership networking and data sharing, we hope to expand these activities and services in the future in response to member needs.


Membership Requirements

Large comprehensive schools of communication and journalism play a unique role in higher education. The size and scope of their work allows them to fund major research projects, focus on sub-specialties within the field, provide thought leadership to the rest of the community, and significantly impact the quality and range of talent that enters the workforce. 

ASCCJ is the only organization designed to meet the specific needs of these large and diverse academic institutions. Therefore, ASCCJ membership is currently restricted to large academic institutions that meet the following criteria:

  • Are led by a dean or director
  • Offer all three degree levels (bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD)
  • Offer academic programs in two or more areas (majors, departments, concentrations, and/or interest areas)

If your college or school of communication or journalism meets these criteria, we hope you’ll become a member today.


Membership Levels

ASCCJ seeks to build academia's most comprehensive, multifaceted data set on leading schools of communication and journalism with unparalleled reporting and analysis capabilities. This effort requires a meaningful contribution from our members, who will in turn gain reporting and analysis tools that arm them with the vital information they need to make effective decisions about the direction and management of their institutions.

All membership are annual and valid for one year from payment date. We do not offer paid services or charge consulting fees for any of the member services.

Standard Membership

  • Full participation in all activities and program 

Sponsor Membership

  • Full participation in all activities and programs
  • Additional marketing and promotion opportunities of academic programs, news, announcements, and events
  • Opportunity to host ASCCJ meetings and symposia

Other Membership Terms

  • There is a minimum three-year commitment for all members.
  • Members are encouraged to pay the full three years upfront to support the development of the initial ASCCJ School and College Survey.
  • All members joining on or before August 31, 2019, will be considered Founding Members.
  • Memberships will renew on a rolling basis (i.e., membership is valid for one year from the time payment is received).

For information on membership dues, please send an email to Erin Norvell at [email protected]


Become a Member

To apply to join the ASCCJ, please complete the following form.

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For additional information about memberships, contact Erin Norvell at [email protected]