The Alliance of Schools and Colleges of Communication and Journalism (ASCCJ) works to advance communication and strengthen society by uniting and supporting comprehensive academic communication programs in the U.S. and throughout the world in order to foster excellence, evaluation, collaboration, diversity, and integrity.

The Benefits of Membership

We support our member schools by facilitating meaningful engagement between deans and directors and key leadership areas across schools, managing the collection and sharing of key benchmarking data from member schools, developing programs to advance shared priorities such as diversity and collaborative research, promoting discussions and problem solving on important issues such as assessment and quality assurance, and advocating for the field with key stakeholders inside and outside of the academy.

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Announcing ASCCJ

Today, more than ever, communication is a critical part of American society. With the emergence of new communication channels, a growing distrust of traditional news, changes in the nature of degree-granting programs, and an increasingly fractured employment market, today’s communication graduates – and the academic institutions that serve them – are in need of focused attention and support. At all degree levels, schools of communication and journalism are challenged with meeting the management needs of large organizations while also evolving their faculty and coursework to match an ever-changing industry and advocating for an evidence-based approach to the profession. 

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